Tuesday, March 15, 2016

E-BIKING helps enjoying hilly Tuscany

The electric bike is not just an eco-friendly means of transport, but it is a fast and new way to travel every day, and  it can arrive where other vehicles cannot. 
The Electric Pedal Assisted Bike is a brilliant invention, it allows everybody at any age to feel something special: just a few push thrusts and the “engine” (inserted in the wheel’s hub) starts helping the pedaling, and magically the bike becomes lighter, able to face even exacting slopes, typical of our roads.
It is suitable for everybody. It doesn’t need a license plate, vehicle registration tax, insurance, helmet (we will give it to you anyway). All this can be achieved with a kind of rental which removes any problem regarding the purchase and management of the E-Bike, intensifying the pleasure of driving it. 

rental proposal from e-biketuscany.com

The company e-biketuscany based in Pienza offers several  rental proposals in order to fulfill any requirement and service.
To this scope, E-Bike Tuscany selected performing e-bike brands and engines, well-known in Italy and in the world, which -respecting the traffic regulations- can reach high performance while driving a comfortable and high quality bike.

e-bike ride over Valdorcia
Further contact: info@e-biketuscany.com of visit https://www.facebook.com/ebikeitaly/