Saturday, April 30, 2016

Flower Festival in Pienza 1-15 May 2016


The entire village of Pienza, will be transformed, from 1 to 15 May in a wonderful Italian-style garden and the beautiful arcaded courtyard of Palazzo Piccolomini will be literally covered in a large carpet of flowers (on 7 and 8 May only).
Millions of petals, skillfully selected and placed by the masters of famed Flower Festival in Genzano, will recreate the images of UNESCO sites in the world.

Pienza & Flowers was born many years ago thanks to the collaboration with the local botanist Dr Sirio Mangiavacchi, who dedicated much of its resources and its inventiveness to this event.

The goal was to create an high-quality flower exhibition that would enhance the architecture of Piazza Pio II and the Papal Palace by mixing  the floral character already present in classical architectural styles and a plant exhibition and market.

Pienza & flowers soon became a canonical Spring festival, a sort of floral blaze or a hymn preceding the summer and the new fruits. The event is part of the traditional Christian feast of Corpus Christi, with its characteristic floral procession

The festival is presently an important event for many local and Italian plant nursery.

If you like plants, flower and art you should not miss it!!!